Online BDD Seminar

December 10, 2020 | Video conference

BDD Talks Schedule

09:00 – 09:15


Welcome + Kick-off

A short kick-off will be given by the head of the Digital Solutions research group of UC Leuven-Limburg.



Patrick De Mazière


09:15 – 10:15


Introduction + Research Results 
Introduction of the day with a quick overview of the schedule, after which we will shortly present the goal and the outcome of the FirstTimeRight-project. 



Elke Steegmans
Frederik Thielemans
David Vandenbroeck


10:15 – 10:50


Guest Keynote by De Agile Testers

The Great Escape – What we can learn from going into an Escape Room.

Our work demands communication and collaboration, just like when one tries to get out of an Escape Room.

Ah, the excitement of being in an escape room. The chaos, the rush, the adrenaline. The goal is clear: we need to get to the solution! We need it fast! Now! People talk simultaneously. Run around. Scream at each other. And the time is ticking…

Take a breath. Focus. Communicate.
What do I see, standing over here? What do you see, standing over there?
Can we make sense of that?
Can we, by communicating and collaborating, bring this challenge to a victory?

With this talk Klaartje and Patrick want to give you more awareness about your mindset next time you experience pressure in your working space. Set your goal! Roll up your sleeves! Tackle those challenges and celebrate!


Patrick van Enkhuijzen
Klaartje Van Zwollen


10:50 – 11:05


Coffee break


11:05 – 11:40


Guest Keynote by Tobania Testing

How to heal failing BDD

BDD is not just about Gherkin, TDD, and the right tools. A proper BDD approach requires clear and regular communication between all stakeholders, and a common understanding of the required features.

Cucumber is useless and becomes a hazard when the framework is misused. Without the basic foundations of Behaviour Driven Development, developing working software with the required speed to market carries many risks.

From the experience of Tobania. Testing, the most common pitfalls where BDD fails will be demonstrated with examples, solutions and best practices.

Christophe Soens 
11:40 – 12:15


Guest Keynote by Craftworkz: From idea to solution

An introduction to design thinking, lean-startup and agile practices.

Investing in innovation is key to keep customers satisfied and to stay ahead of competition. But how do you come up with great innovations? Or how do you move forward with a rough idea? How do you build a solution keeping in account an ever changing context? We’ll introduce you to some useful methodologies to evaluate & develop ideas into meaningful solutions. We’ll teach you the most important principles and share our preferred tools & collaboration techniques.

Hannah Patronoudis 
Pieter Portauw 
12:15 – 12:50


Guest Keynote by A.C.A. IT-Solutions: Mom, Dad… Where do Requirements come from?

Have you ever wondered where requirements come from? What makes a requirement “required”? Such a strong word, isn’t it? Required. If we do not implement it, everything will fail. Right?

When you ask someone “their” requirements, how certain are you that this person is giving you the “right requirements”? Does it really solve a problem in the right way? Is the problem even worth solving? How much are you willing to bet on it? Your pension? Your house? Your car? Tomorrow’s lunch?

In this talk I would like to show you the paradigm shift from “requirement” to “hypothesis”. What does this shift mean? What is a hypothesis? How to practically organise your work around “hypothesis” and start building better (software) products?


Pieter Hens 
12:50 – 14:05




14:05 – 14:40



Start off on the right foot, create the correct mindsets, and avoid your team to become allergic to cucumbers and gherkins.

Get to know the BDDdna matrix which guides your team towards a successful and step-by-step implementation of BDD, allowing for a smooth transition towards a successful adoption of BDD.


Elke Steegmans
Frederik Thielemans
David Vandenbroeck


14:40 – 15:15


Guest Keynote by Brightest 

An introduction to Robot Framework.

Robot Framework is an open source keyword and data driven automation framework that runs on Python. It is therefore perfectly suited for Acceptance Test Driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development. Robot Framwork is a perfect alternative for the more known tools such as Cucumber, but in addition it adds extra dimensions to the world of test automation. During this presentation, we will be taking a look at the differences between Robot Framework and Cucumber and what the advantages to these differences could be.


Sepp Van Cauwenbergh


15:15 – 15:50


Guest Keynote by Q@S

Quality@Speed goes beyond the typical QA commitment zone at the end of the SDLC and focuses on the shift left paradigm.


Sander Haenen


15:50 – 16:05


Coffee break


16:05- 16:40


Guest Keynote by Smartbear

BDD with Cucumber

BDD is an approach to software development that aims to deliver better software faster. This is done by discovering ambiguities and misunderstandings about requirements through collaboration between diverse stakeholders, before a feature is implemented.

Cucumber is a tool that supports the BDD process by allowing requirements to be expressed as executable specifications that both technical and non-technical stakeholders understand and agree on. It guides programmers towards an implementation that satisfies the specifications.

In this 30 minutes presentation Smartbear will give a high level overview of the approach. We will analyse and implement a new requirement with live coding.


Aslak Hellesøy


16:40 – 16:55


What will be your BDDdna?

Find out how your team can succesfully adopt BDD.


Frederik Thielemans



Closing + Q&A

Closing speech + Q&A.


Sebastiaan Boussauw


Members of the FirstTimeRight Steering committee

Thanks to our steering committee for making this event possible and guiding us to the right direction

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