Given the team has finished the Discovery phase

When the team executes the Formulation phase

Then the team can start with the Automation phase

Leveraging all benefits of Behaviour-Driven Development isn’t as obvious as it looks. BDD is a lot more than just mastering Cucumber, it is about bridging the communication gap.

Shift left done right

— BDDdna


Start off on the right foot, create the correct mindsets, and avoid your team to become allergic to cucumbers and gherkins.

We have created a BDDdna template which guides the team towards a successful, step-by-step implementation of BDD, allowing for a smooth transition towards a successful adoption.

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Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)

BDD is a recent approach which aims to facilitate collaboration by closing the communication gap between the different parties in a development project. Requirements are defined together with the customer in a readable (ubiquitous) format, which all parties are able to read and understand.

Not just bug-free software

Good software is not just error-free, it is also software that actually does what the client expected it to do. This might seem obvious, but in real-life cases, it often isn’t. Due to the diverse backgrounds of the people involved in development projects, we often are prone to misunderstandings.


We are convinced that BDD is not an all-or-nothing solution, but rather something you can grow into.
Happy customers.

BDD and Innovation, the ACV case

Over the last 5 years, we at Digital Solutions at UCLL R&E, have participated in quite a few innovation projects. Our contribution usually consisted of developing a PoC (Proof of Concept) at an early stage of the project. Good information exchange between Business (new processes!) and IT (new possibilities!) are essential in that case. Moreover, these are always short-term projects, after which the intention for the customer is to take over and continue with the project on their own. This gave us the idea to develop a variant of the BDDdna template for the implementation of innovative PoCs. A template that is also immediately tailored to the specific operation of a college (with researchers, students, academic calendar).

The ACV project for platform workers served as a pilot project for this.

Mira V.

Process Coordinator @UCLL

We started from a concrete problem and analysed it step-by-step in order to come to a concrete solution. The collaboration was very positive. They listened carefully to our story, our wishes, and replied with was possible or not. Ideal for if you want to see your processes elaborated with a clear view on responsibilities.

Wim T.

Managing Partner @dynamo

Going through a process step-by-step in a structured manner, making it clear how the CACTUS interview application should work. A pleasant diverse team with each their own competences, saying and doing what needs to be done. Thanks UCLL & BDDdna-team!